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What Colour of Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day?



Valentine’s day is knowing at our doors. It is approaching sooner than we had expected it to, so we better gear up with your Valentine’s day gift shopping. Speaking of Valentine’s day gifts we have to talk about beautiful Valentine’s day flowers that various online and offline florists offer at this time of the year. They offer beautiful flowers like roses, carnations, orchids and much more such at an affordable price along with flower delivery in Kolkata or to the place wherever your Valentine resides. But before sending your Valentine a beautiful bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day, make sure to figure out what every colour of the flower symbolises. If you are not clear with which colour of flowers you should be gifting your partner on the upcoming occasion of Valentine’s day, then keep reading this flower article to gain some insight on the same.

  1. Red flowers seem to have become Valentine’s day official flowers. It symbolises true love, passion, and desire, which is why every couple loves to pamper their partners with a bouquet of red roses, carnations and other such floral red beauties.
  2.  White flowers are better if you reserve it for the sober moments as they represent purity and innocence. These serene beauties can even be used to express your dire need of engaging into wedded bliss with your Valentine.
  3. Yellow flowers are a good option if you wish to kick start your relationship with your partner with friendship. If you don’t wish to get friend-zoned on the occasion of Valentine’s day, then you better stay away from these bright sunshine beauties.
  4. Yellow flowers with a red colour dash, when passed to someone, would mean that slowly and gradually you have started to fall in love with that person.
  5. Pink flowers symbolise grace, elegance, femininity and happiness. It is one of the budding choices of flowers whose demand is rising now and then in Valentine’s day season.
  6. Blue flowers symbolise mystery and intrigue. If you happen to find your Valentine intriguing, then it’s’ time to let him/her know over some garden fresh, vibrant blue flowers.
  7. Rainbow flowers would symbolise that you wish your Valentine to be always happy and in joy. These bright coloured blooms instantly brighten up anyone’s lives by adding some colours to it.
  8. Peach flowers are one of those flowers with which you can genuinely express what you feel for the other person. You can say that you are thankful or you are blessed to have found someone like your Valentine. These flowers are said to symbolise modesty, sincerity, and gratitude.
  9. Orange flowers are a perfect epitome of passion and enthusiasm. It spreads positive energy of love and all the other beautiful feelings, making it even a perfect choice for Valentine’s day.
  10. Red and white flower combinations are usually gifted to initiate a new partnership or even a beautiful relationship. Couples for their wedding ceremony quite often pick up one such colour combination of flowers.

So, we hope we were able to clarify which colour of flowers would be perfect to be gifted to your lover on Valentine’s day. The clock is already ticking, so start flower shopping!

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