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Is an online course the right fit for me?

When choosing a course, students have many decisions to make: what to study, the level of study, and where to study. Today, they also have the choice ofwhether to study in person or on an online course. As with all other decisions, there is no ‘one size fits all’ with one being better than the other. Instead, there are several factors that can determine whether an online course is the best option.

Prior commitments

Moving to a particular city or university to start a course is not practical for everyone. Family and professional commitments may tie you to a particular location, where the course you want is not available. Online courses allow access from all over the world without the need to leave home.

This may be particularly true for adult learners who have established family ties, or professionals wanting a course to advance their career progression without needing to leave their position. Wilkes University graduate tuition includes an array of nursing courses suitable for students at all levels of their career from undergraduate through to those wanting to specialize or achieve a Doctor of Nursing. With the courses beingonline 24 hours a day, and with multiple opportunities to start modules throughout the year, it fits well alongside other commitments.


An online course can suit you if you are self-motivated with the ability to monitor your own study. You will need to be good at working independently and able toorganizeyourtime effectively. This will also mean factoring in other commitments, as well as scheduling in breaks so that the study never becomes overwhelming. Online study may include fixed online lectures and groups, so you will need to make a commitment to these and not become tempted to skip them or become distracted during them simply because you are not ‘there.’

The course content

A concern that many have about online studyis that the content will not be as good as a face-to-face course and that the qualification will not beas widely accepted. If you are studying for fun, this is not a problem. However,for those studying to start or change their careers or to unlock opportunities in their current career, you need to be sure that the online course is as rigorous and respected as its physical counterpart.

The key to ensuring that any course, online or facetoface, will meet yourprofessional requirements is research. An internet search into the type ofcourse you are interested in is likely to throw up many results. To make sure that the course is a right fit for you, you will need to research further. Reviews can give you an insight about the course, while recommendations from others who have used online learning to advance their careers are well worth considering.

Although there is no definitive answer, it is fair to say that good online courses will offer a challenging, comprehensive program that can open doors in yourprofessional life, while providing an enriching experience as you study. With the added flexibility they offer, they are the right fit for many.

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