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Everything You Need To Know About Season 2 of “Stargirl”

After the action-packed season finale of DC Universe’s 2020 surprise hit Stargirl, fans and critics alike were thrilled to hear the show was picked up for another season, although many were surprised at its move to The CW. If you loved season one, here’s everything you need to know about where Stargirl is headed next.

A word of warning: This article contains spoilers for Season One! If you need to catch up, see which streaming services have full episodes available right now.

Highlights and Recap for Season 1

The refreshingly earnest Stargirl is laced with nostalgia for the Silver Age of DC Comics and stars Brec Bassinger in the title role as teenager Courtney Whitmore. When Courtney, her mother and her stepfather Pat Dugan, the original Starman’s sidekick, move from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska, Courtney feels her life is changed forever.

This sleepy town happens to be filled with Starman’s former nemeses, members of the Injustice Society of America (ISA), the evil inverse of the Justice Society of America (JSA) of which Pat and Starman used to be a part. When Courtney discovers Starman’s Cosmic Staff in the basement of their house in Blue Valley, she realizes that she’s the successor to Starman’s powers. From there, the series takes on all kinds of wild twists and turns as Courtney rebuilds the JSA with her friends and battles the old and new guard of the ISA.

The CW Signs on for Season 2

When the original show premiered on DC’s exclusive streaming platform, DC Universe, and was moved to The CW for the second season, some fans expressed concerns that the character and production quality of the show would change. But that just did not happen.

DC gave Stargirl plenty of room to succeed; the stellar visuals in season one were the result of previsualization technology, a special effects technology usually reserved for feature-length films. Executive producer Geoff Johns reassured fans that while Season 2 will “explore different story lines, different thematics, and different avenues for the characters,” the show’s overall tone and production quality will remain unchanged.

Release Date and Filming Schedule

Critics speculated that one reason Stargirl was so popular was Courtney’s blend of empathy and teenage impulsiveness, which drove her to strive to do the right thing—even if she made mistakes—in the face of dark and frightening circumstances. That idealistic perspective apparently resonated with viewers exhausted by living with a dangerous pandemic.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has complicated the logistics of filming new TV and movies. So not only has no release date been set for the next season of Stargirl, but production hasn’t started, either. Rumors have circulated that The CW is hoping for a fall 2021 release date, but no concrete plans have been shared by the showrunners or the network about future plans.

You might have to be patient, but with the return of Starman himself (Community’s Joel McHale) and the introduction of Eclipso and the Shade, there’s plenty of promising new stories for the show to explore. So stay tuned for more updates on the Season 2 timeline.

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