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6 Suggestions About Kalimba You Have to Know

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In case you’re in search of a brand new instrument that’s each enjoyable and simple to study, take a look at the kalimba. The phrase “kalimba” interprets to “fruit of life” in Swahili, becoming because the instrument is believed to have originated in Africa. And now it’s making its means into Western tradition as effectively! Listed below are six recommendations on kalimbas that can assist you get began in your musical journey as quickly as doable.

What’s a kalimba?

The kalimba is a musical instrument that you just play by plucking the tines together with your fingers or thumbs. The phrase “kalimba” comes from the Swahili phrase for “thumb piano,” and it may be product of wooden, steel, or plastic. The most typical kind of kalimba has six occasions, however there are additionally seven-tine fashions accessible on Amazon should you’re curious about these!

What’s an afro kalimba?

The afro kalimba is a variation of the standard African mbira instrument. It consists of a wood soundboard with tines or keys which can be struck by your fingers, producing a novel percussive sound.

The afro kalimba was created by Geoffrey Gomes in 1977, who was in search of an instrument he might play whereas sitting down (most kalimbas require you to be standing). He additionally needed one thing that will be simple for youngsters and seniors to play as effectively. The outcome was this new kind of kalimba with fewer notes however many extra tones than its predecessor and thus its identify “afro.” You should purchase kalimba afro at

How do I play a kalimba?

The kalimba is an easy instrument to play. The most typical solution to play is together with your thumb and index finger, plucking the tines with every of those fingers. You may as well use your thumb to play bass notes by urgent down on them with various quantities of drive. If you wish to play melody notes like I’ve performed within the instance under, then use both one or two fingers (your alternative!) for every melody word however don’t neglect about these bass notes!

If this all sounds too sophisticated, don’t fear after you have some observe underneath your belt it’ll be second nature!

What number of notes are there on the kalimba?

The kalimba is a musical instrument that’s performed with the thumbs and fingers. There are two rows of tines (keys), every row containing seven occasions, for a complete of fourteen notes in a single octave. The bottom word on this instrument corresponds with center C on a piano keyboard.

What are completely different sorts of kalimbas?

  • What’s a kalimba for youths?
  • What’s a kalimba for adults?
  • What’s a kalimba for newcomers?

The place can I purchase a kalimba on-line?

You should purchase a kalimba from many various locations, together with Amazon and eBay. Nonetheless, should you’re in search of the highest quality devices and customer support, it’s greatest to buy on the producer’s web site.


We hope you’ve discovered this text useful and informative. And should you’re nonetheless questioning what sort of kalimba is best for you, we’d encourage you to take a look at our choice on the hyperlink under!

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