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6 Animal Costumes That Haven’t Been Featured But on “The Masked Singer”

Between an all-star superstar forged and a panel of well-known judges like Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, “The Masked Singer” is enjoyable for everybody to observe! The present can also be always bringing out new character costumes, and there are some concepts that also haven’t been used. Listed below are seven animals which have but to grace the stage.


A furry, long-nosed creature with a bushy tail, the anteater is generally native to Mexico, Sout and Central America. This mild large is taken into account extinct in some international locations and thrives on a weight-reduction plan of bugs like ants and termites. Why characteristic an anteater on the present? Merely put, it’s an animal that doesn’t get a lot consideration — most individuals don’t take into consideration anteaters on a day-to-day foundation, which might make the costume all of the extra thrilling of an addition.


Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a wolf character featured on the present regardless of the recognition of canine characters! Scattered all throughout Europe, Asia and North America, there are numerous species of this majestic creature to work with. The enjoyable lies within the potential to take the wolf in any course: scary, ultra-realistic, cute, the listing goes on. What’s extra, the wolf may very well be taken a step additional within the type of a werewolf!


Few aquatic characters have seen a debut on “The Masked Singer”, and the time is correct for an octopus. Ranging in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, the universally identifiying characteristic of an octopus is its eight appendages. These soft-bodied ocean dwellers are will be discovered all around the ocean, and over thirty species are at the moment recognized to science. From the lovable dumbo and umbrella octopus to the grandeur of the large octopus, this creature has a variety of potential for a terrific costume.


An extremely beloved animal throughout popular culture, it’s a marvel the sloth hasn’t been used for a personality but. Native to tropical jungles throughout Central and South America, sloths are sleepy creatures that are inclined to stay life at a really gradual tempo. These creatures transfer at a pace of about forty yards per day and spend as much as twenty hours sleeping. Contestants may completely run with the idea of a enjoyable, foolish sloth, and even flip the idea on its head; for instance, what if a world-renowned dancer took over this concept?

“The Masked Singer” is filled with surprises, and the world is trying ahead to extra nice costumes within the coming seasons!

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