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5 Things To Explore In Miami In A Day!

Miami is every traveler’s ultimate beach destination, and it hardly needs any introduction. It’s also not very typical as what you would expect from a standard beach city. Miami is all about glamour, incredible parties, and stunning beaches, with endless activities to explore. If you are here for a day, you can spend the morning at the iconic beach, while late evenings could be about partying at one of the nightclubs in Miami. In this post, we are guiding you on all you need to know before you make your plans.

  • South Beach. This is the most amazing beach in entire Florida, and there is so much to explore around it. You will find some incredible hotels that can burn a hole in your pocket, and there are walking tours that will help you explore the popular places.
  • Nightclubs. Miami is known for its nightlife, and we promise you wouldn’t find a reason to just go back to your hotel. The best nightclubs here have incredible events, and on weekends, the fun just doubles up, with known names performing at most of the big places. If you don’t mind spending your evenings out with the crowd, find a nightclub that has an eventful calendar.
  • Zoo Miami. Love zoos but don’t like to see the animals caged up? Well, Zoo Miami will change your opinion. It is, in fact, one of the first zoos that can be called free range, and thanks to the weather here, you will find more variety in animals here than many other zoos in the country. Locals often spend hours at the Zoo Miami, so that’s quite a validation.

  • Jungle Island. Just close to Downtown Miami is Jungle Island, which is great for people who want to explore nature in the city. There are various ways to explore the place located on Watson Island, but do catch one of the shows that are usually organized almost daily.
  • Bayside Market. Tourists love Bayside Market because they can find a wide range of shops and boutiques to shop for souvenirs. The atmosphere of the area is anyway worth exploring, and you will live music almost every day. On a day when you don’t feel like getting drunk, Bayside Market could be a nice alternative experience.

If you are visiting nightclubs, do check their event calendars and book your tickets in advance. Miami is famed for partying, so even the newest places are full.

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